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Achieve higher cyber security protection with Rainforest platform

Trust Rainforest to safeguard your innovations and provide you with the confidence to navigate the digital world securely – quick implementation and faster results.

Tradicional solutions are too complex to implement for companies that don't waste time - and money.

Plug And Play

Frictionless integration, so you can use your time more fixing than implementing our solutions.

Code Box®

Why upload your code to scan when you can do that localluyand send only contextual pieces to our platform?

AI Fueled

Our trained models use AI to suggest fixes, empowering your team to resolve issues easily.

Rainforest helps CISOs CIOs CTOs CSOs enhance their cyber security protection with an unique experience, saving their time and money

Application Security

7 different application analysis with comprehensive application security, local code analysis and AI-driven fix suggestions, ensuring seamless integration, rapid vulnerability detection, and effective remediation for robust application protection.

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Cloud Security

Continuous cloud security posture management, identifying misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in real-time, ensuring compliance, and enhancing cloud security effortlessly.

Infrastructure Security

Safeguard your infrastructure by detecting vulnerabilities and threats in real-time, ensuring robust protection for your network assets.
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Digital Risk Protection

Proactively monitor external threats, protecting your digital assets from data breaches, phishing, and brand impersonation.

Leak Finder

Detects leaked and stolen credentials, data and any sensitive information with our continuous monitoring, allowing fast answer to data breaches episodes, mitigating damages for your reputation.


Believe what they're saying

Josiane d.
Josiane d.
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Revolutionary technology, which takes into account the Brazilian market and is concerned with the macro and microenvironment.
João B.
João B.
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With advanced and efficient algorithms, this platform provides detailed information about security vulnerabilities, allowing for an in-depth understanding of threats and actionable intelligence.
Gustavo P.
Gustavo P.
Application Security Manager
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Rainforest is today an excellent supplier to compete in the market with other major competitors. Its modules are robust and manage to demonstrate to the clients where to start the work.
Consultant in Information Technology and Services
Consultant in Information Technology and Services
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Complete Cyber Security Platform I like its completeness. It has Vulnerability Intelligence integrated with Threat Intelligence and gives me security visibility from development to production.
Thiago S.
Thiago S.
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Perfect Platform with focus on Cyber Threat Intelligence and services in one platform.
 Internal Consultant in Computer & Network Security
Internal Consultant in Computer & Network Security
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POC experience Feature set, easy of use, comprehensive platform for security awareness: The solution is complete for my goals and review objective.

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Rainforest Platform integrates with other market security solutions to provide you a single security dashboard and a unique experience.

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