More Governments Acquire Awareness of Cybersecurity Challenges

As the issues of cybersecurity become one of the most pressing concerns of countries, governments are acting without hesitation to find solutions to current and future Internet security problems. This is not surprising given the fact that cybersecurity fever spreads like wildfire globally.

Experts aggressively warn that if appropriate Internet security measures are not conducted to provide protection to sensitive information across the virtual world, vulnerabilities in cybersecurity could seriously pose threats to the overall security of nations, not just individuals and companies. This makes the subject all the more interesting and necessary.

African and Arab countries are joining hand in hand to achieve cybersecurity measures. In the middle of 2009, the Tunisian International Telecommunication Union or ITU organized a Regional Cybersecurity Forum. The event was attended by IT representatives from Africa and Middle Eastern Arab countries, as mentioned. It was dubbed ‘Connecting World Responsibility.’

The major task of the forum was the identification of several challenges that global nations face to be able to enhance cybersecurity and at the same time secure the right infrastructure for the protection of critical data. The forum is aimed at assessing participating countries’ measures in confronting cybercrime threats. Such evaluations are important given the fact that currently, advanced information and communications technologies are giving pirates more opportunities to exploit the Internet to commit cybercrimes and defraud more individuals and businesses.

IT experts and cybersecurity professionals should recognize the fact that cybercriminals are taking advantage of the main vulnerabilities of computer software. Many such criminals are also devising different and more effective ways of hacking databases of organizations, governments, and companies. The issue is very alarming.

Participants of the regional forum ended the event by agreeing on an information-sharing process to unify their actions in developing cybersecurity mechanisms. The unification takes into consideration key principles of combining and matching the transnational and borderless nature of various online security threats (also called cyber threats).

IT experts from all over the world are also warning that attempting to address challenges on regional and national levels would not be sufficient in coming up with effective and concrete solutions. The ITU forum and several other global IT organizations are encouraging global approaches to identified cybersecurity challenges.

To make cybersecurity measures work effectively, measures to enhance the culture of online security through partnerships should be instituted. Working together is the key to confronting Internet threats with utmost effectiveness. Governments and online organizations should also share technical skills and appropriate investments in IT to facilitate better and wider development capacity.

On the individual Internet user’s level, citizens should be responsible enough in using the online media properly. They should always provide and offer help in addressing the protection and security of online data. Some experts propose the creation of job opportunities related to cybersecurity to further boost and enhance individuals’ participation in Internet security programs.

Cybersecurity is a fight that should be fought by all countries. Every country in the world should participate to win the battle. In the future, the Internet is expected to make more things happen, this can be a better and more reliable venue for conducting businesses and basic transactions.

That is why it is very important that security measures are created and firmly put up in place.


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