Prioritize your Cloud Misconfigurations


“Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes”. This is what Gartner says.
Breaches can result in fines and lawsuits that can cost thousands of millions. With an automated approach to standardize your cloud security posture and compliance can help your company mitigate misconfigurations that may lead to breaches.

Optimizing Performance through Cloud Security Posture Management

rainforest cloud security posture management

Foster Uninterrupted Policy Execution Across Multi Cloud

With an unique platform you enforce policies across multi-cloud environments.

Multiperimeter view from Cloud Assets and Exposure

We give you a view with context, this way you see your assets across clouds and repositories. With our intelligence we make you more effective.

Prioritization and Remediation on time

Enhance your efficiency with precise risk evaluation that considers both asset importance and threat intensity, minimizing distractions and prioritizing remedial actions based on actual risk exposure to your organization.

Cloud Compliance & Audit

Easily enforce and report compliance with Rainforest. Filter based on your cloud, severity, status and resource type and export your report to support audits.

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