About us

The world of cybercrime is growing, organizing and structuring itself over the years, causing billions of dollars in damage with increasingly sophisticated attacks.

On the other hand, cyber security products are overwhelming the internal teams with thousands of alerts.

All alerts are important, but which ones are critical? Which ones actually show which vulnerabilities should be fixed now, rather than others?

Rainforest helps cybersecurity teams be more efficient and effective by detecting fake profiles, leaks, fraudulent applications, and vulnerabilities that require immediate remediation, reducing staffing shortages, team overload, and delays in detecting and fixing critical issues.

Integrating any development roadmap brings the world of cybersecurity into DevOps, creating a view teams didn’t have before.


This is what defines our mission, delivering more than products and services.

Simplify corporate reputation protection​

Rainforest mitigates risks related to applications vulnerabilities and brand threats, providing a cyber security ecosystem to simplify corporate reputation protection by using multiple intelligences and pro-active observability.

our values

Customer Centric
All we do is thinking in deliver best and faster solutions to provide safety.

High Standards
Each and every one of us are the best at what we do, don’t accept excuses: the job MUST be done.

Dive Deep We are not superficial. In order to be on the top, we dive deep.

Results Centric
It’s not about “what we play” or “how we play”, what matters the most is “How we Win”.


What our customers say

Consultant in Information Technology and Services
Consultant in Information Technology and Services
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Complete Cyber Security Platform I like its completeness. It has Vulnerability Intelligence integrated with Threat Intelligence and gives me security visibility from development to production.
Thiago S.
Thiago S.
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Perfect Platform with focus on Cyber Threat Intelligence and services in one platform.
 Internal Consultant in Computer & Network Security
Internal Consultant in Computer & Network Security
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POC experience Feature set, easy of use, comprehensive platform for security awareness: The solution is complete for my goals and review objective.


The cyber security platform your company need

With Rainforest cyber security platform you integrate an entire company with security: from developers to governance and risk – without generating friction between teams. One platform: multiple possibilities.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Rainforest Vulnerability Intelligence is a powerful platform designed to provide comprehensive insights into security vulnerabilities. It utilizes advanced algorithms and methodologies to scan and analyze systems, identifying potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The solution offers an in-depth understanding of security threats and provides actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to proactively address and mitigate security risks, allowing for more secure and resilient operations.

rainforest application

Elevate DevOps to DevSecOps running 6 different code analysis with Rainforest Application Security Testing (AST).

rainforest infra

Identify and get alerts of vulnerabilities in your infrastructure with our Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT).

rainforest cloud

Avoid misconfigurations in cloud and multi-cloud environments with our Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) module.

Brand Intelligence

Rainforest Brand Intelligence is an innovative solution that vigilantly monitors a company’s brand against potential threats like Frauds or Leakages. It employs advanced technology to identify fraudulent activities and leakages that could harm the company’s reputation and result in financial losses. With a data-driven approach, it provides actionable insights that allow businesses to respond promptly and strategically to mitigate brand-related risks. With Rainforest Brand Intelligence, companies can protect their brand integrity and sustain their market standing.

rainforest fraud
Find fake domains, social media profiles and websites impersonating your company.
rainforest leak

Find stolen/leaked data, credentials, code and other information about your company in surface, deep & dark web with our Digital Risk Protection module.

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