5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Buy an Rainforest Application Security license

You are sure that Rainforest Application is excellent for you and the team but not really sure how to convince your Boss to buy an Rainforest Application license? Here is an email template that may help you:


To:   <[email protected]>
Subject: Making our software 10x secure and saving cost – License request

Hi <Boss>,

I found a new solution that can save us money, make our applications safer and save time for our developers. It sounds too good to be true, but I tested it, and it worked amazingly.
It is called Rainforest Application and it can run 7 different security analysis like SAST, DAST, SCA, IAC, MAST, QUALITY and CONTAINER IMAGES without extra efforts.  

It has monthly or yearly subscriptions, and I believe it is worth it:

  1. Today we pay $____ for ____ different appsec tools – and we still don’t have the 7 analysis. We could outage

I already tested it and loved it. Do you approve the license? 

<Your name>


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