Elevate your DevOps journey to DevSecOps

Rainforest Application is a comprehensive platform that allows you to perform multiple security checks in code to ensure a higher level of security. The platform elevates DevOps to DevSecOps by running Quality, SAST, SCA, DAST, MAST, Container, and IAC analyzes in your environment. This allows developers to identify and fix potential security issues early in the development process.

Rainforest’s platform provides developers with an efficient and effective way to test their code for vulnerabilities: by integrating security testing into the development process, teams can save time and resources while ensuring the security of their applications.






Multiple analysis for your applications

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7 application security testing in 1 platform


Evaluate software code to ensure it meets predefined standards of quality, including readability, maintainability, and efficiency.

SAST - Static Analysis Security Test

Analyze source code to find security vulnerabilities that make your organization's applications susceptible to attack.

SCA - Software Composition Analysis

Identify open-source components within a codebase to detect potential security issues.

DAST - Dynamic Analysis Security Test

Analyze a running application for security vulnerabilities.

MAST - Mobile Application Security Test

Analyze if mobile apps do not inadvertently leak sensitive data, and adhere to industry security standards and regulations.


Inspect container images for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to ensure application security.

IAC - Infrastructure as Code

Examine code that automates infrastructure deployment for vulnerabilities and flaws.

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Do more with brAInforest, Rainforest's AI

brAInforest, Rainforest’s artificial intelligence, is an innovative and crucial tool for developers, providing top-notch assistance, practical and accurate suggestions for code vulnerability fixes, optimizing the production of safer and more robust code. With brAInforest, Rainforest Technologies supports the creation of more reliable and secure software, strengthening application defenses against potential security breaches.

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Discover Rainforest platform

rainforest fraud

Get real data update about fraud domains, URLs and social media pages/profiles impersonating you in an attempt to defraud others.

rainforest leak

Monitor if data, credentials and more information about your company is leaked and is for sale on surface, deep and dark web.

rainforest infra

Modern and scalable infrastructure are main components to a multi cloud environment. Identify and get alerts of vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

rainforest cloud

Cloud environments are complex, but doesn’t need to be that way: get in hand all main security controls of your cloud and make your  environment safer and stable.

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